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The art of remixing: Tips and Tricks for creating killer Bollywood remixes by DJ Raxit

Are you a DJ looking to create Bollywood remixes that will get the crowd moving? Look no further than the expert advice of DJ Raxit. As one of the most sought-after DJs in the Bollywood scene, DJ Raxit has remixed countless hits and knows what it takes to create a killer remix. In this article, he shares his tips and tricks for creating Bollywood remixes that will make your audience dance.


As a DJ, you know that creating a great remix can be the difference between a good set and a great one. And when it comes to Bollywood music, the possibilities for remixes are endless. But how do you create a remix that stands out from the crowd? Enter DJ Raxit. With years of experience in the Bollywood scene, he has perfected the art of remixing and is here to share his tips and tricks with you. Get ready to take your remixes to the next level.

The art of remixing: Tips and Tricks for creating killer Bollywood remixes by DJ Raxit

Understand the Original Track

Before you start remixing a Bollywood song, it’s essential to understand the original track. Listen to it multiple times and note the different elements of the song, such as the melody, lyrics, and rhythm. This will help you identify the parts of the song you want to focus on in your remix and will make it easier to blend the original elements with your own.

Know Your Audience

One of the keys to creating a successful Bollywood remix is knowing your audience. Bollywood music is incredibly diverse, and different regions have different tastes. If you’re playing for a predominantly North Indian crowd, for example, you’ll want to focus on remixing songs from that region. Similarly, if you’re playing for a younger audience, you’ll want to remix more current Bollywood hits.

Find Inspiration

When it comes to remixing, inspiration can come from anywhere. Look for songs in other genres that have similar rhythms or melodies to the Bollywood track you want to remix. Experiment with different genres, from hip hop to electronic, and see what works. Don’t be afraid to take risks and try new things.

Play With Tempo and Key

One of the most important aspects of remixing is playing with tempo and key. Experiment with speeding up or slowing down the track and changing the key. This can completely transform the original track and give it a fresh, new sound.

Add Your Own Elements

To truly make a remix your own, you need to add your own elements to the track. This can be anything from a new beat to additional instruments. Get creative and try different things until you find the perfect mix.

Keep It Simple

While it can be tempting to go all out with a remix, sometimes keeping it simple is the best option. Don’t overload the track with too many elements, as this can make it confusing and hard to dance to. Instead, focus on a few key elements that will get the crowd moving.


Q1: How do I choose the right Bollywood song to remix?

Look for songs that have a strong beat or catchy melody, as these are the elements that will get people dancing. You should also consider the audience you’re playing for and choose songs that are popular in that region or among that demographic.

Q2: How do I blend the original elements of the song with my own?

The key to blending original elements with your own is to focus on the parts of the song that stand out the most. This could be the melody or the rhythm. Once you’ve identified these elements, try adding your own beats or instruments that complement them. It’s important to keep the original elements of the song intact, so make sure you don’t overpower them with your own additions.

Q3: How do I know when a remix is finished?

Remixing is an art form, and there’s no right or wrong answer to when a remix is finished. However, as a general rule, you should aim to keep the remix around three to four minutes long. This is the ideal length for a dance track and will keep the energy levels high. When you’re happy with the remix, play it out loud and see how the crowd responds. If they’re dancing and having a good time, you know you’ve done a great job.

Q4: Can I use copyrighted material in my remix?

It’s important to make sure you have the rights to use any material in your remix. If you’re remixing a Bollywood song, you’ll need to get permission from the original copyright holder. There are also royalty-free music libraries available online that you can use for your remixes.

Q5: How do I promote my remixes?

Once you’ve created a killer Bollywood remix, it’s time to promote it. You can start by sharing it on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You can also upload it to SoundCloud or YouTube. Consider reaching out to other DJs or Bollywood music producers and sharing your remix with them. They may be interested in playing it in their sets or featuring it on their own channels.

Q6: How can I make my remix stand out from others?

To make your remix stand out from others, you need to be creative and unique. Try experimenting with different genres, tempos, and keys to create a remix that’s completely different from the original. You can also add your own elements, such as additional beats or instruments, to give it a fresh sound.


Remixing Bollywood songs is an art form that requires creativity, skill, and a deep understanding of the original track. By following the tips and tricks shared by DJ Raxit in this article, you can take your remixes to the next level and create tracks that will get the crowd moving. Remember to keep it simple, be creative, and most importantly, have fun.