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DJ Raxit - Man of the Mix

For more than 20 years, DJ Raxit, recognized as the "Man of the Mix," has been a notable personality in the Indian DJ and producer community. His passion for music has led him to showcase his musical taste in Bollywood, commercials, and EDM to audiences worldwide.

As the former managing director of the popular discotheques Cyclone The Disc in Ahmedabad and Surat, and the previous owner of Asia's biggest dance floor discotheque in Bangkok-Pattaya, DJ Raxit threw over 5000 parties throughout his 15-year career. He became a favorite among music enthusiasts thanks to his special talent to fill in the musical gaps in everyone's hearts.

DJ Raxit is currently touring the globe to play at different events and festivals while showcasing his skills as a DJ and producer. Although he has achieved tremendous success, DJ Raxit remains devoted to his profession and strives to enhance his skills.

DJ Raxit has been featured on popular radio stations like 98.3 FM and 93.5 FM, where his remixed music has been played during weekend night performances. He has worked with numerous local and foreign DJs, such as DJ Pickup, DJ Aqeel, DJ Suketu, DJ NYK, DJ Plus 91, and others.

Midway through the 2000s, DJ Raxit honored the value of podcasts and presented some of his best performances on a well-known podcast like Electro NYK Podcast, where he aired his beautiful track "Aaja Mahi." He also made a splash with his remix of the song "Jabra Fan" on Aaryan's podcast, gaining a following across Gujarat.

DJ Raxit's two albums, which changed the public's view of Bollywood DJ Remix music, have sold over 50,000 copies nationwide due to how well-liked his music is.

In addition to his tremendous musical career, DJ Raxit is the inspiration for The Next Beat Academy, which provides personal training for all levels of DJs and visual artists.

The latest audio-visual production by DJ Raxit, "The DJ Raxit's Show," includes collaboration with VJ Shiven by creating stunning graphics, synchronized lighting, special effects, and genre-defying music.

DJ Raxit's dedication to his craft and valuable contributions to the music industry have made him a highly renowned figure in the DJing business.